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SunPure Brush-On Lisse Keratin Treatment ( 16 oz)

Brush-On Keratin Treatment


    New & Improved Brush-On Formulation!


    Similar to the Original Popular Brush-On, Our New Advanced Formulation is Now Even Better!


          •Faster Results!

           Clients can wash their hair in JUST 24 HOURS!


          •Save Time!

            Reduces Styling & Maintenance Time In Half!


          •Results Last Up To 15 Weeks! 

    SunPure Brush-On Keratin Treatment eliminates frizz and curl while revitalizing and conditioning the hair. In fact, it's SO GENTLE and SAFE that it can be applied the same day after a hair color service without any damage or breakage to the hair! It will provide an extra conditioning service for your client, who will leave the salon a new person!



    In addition to being so much safer than harsh chemical treatments, SunPure Brush-On leaves hair healthy because keratin is a protein that naturally conditions.


    The Safest Way to:
    * Smooth Hair
    * Eliminate Curls and Frizz
    * Add Incredible Shine
    * Rejuvenate Hair 


    Salons and Stylists - Contact your local distributor for more information about our FREE SAMPLING Program! Treatment is only available in fine salons and spas.   


    Available sizes

    16 oz. and 4 oz. sizes. 


    More questions? Read our FAQ's

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