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Dust Free High Performance Bleach ( 25 grams per packet) 5 Pack

Dust Free High Performance Bleach (25 grams) 5 Pk




    SunPure High Performance Dust Free Bleach is the most gentle, conditioning bleach you will ever use!


    Our High Performance Bleach provides intensive decoloration up to 7 levels.

    Use for on-scalp applications when mixed with 10, 20 or 30 volume developer and off-scalp with 40 volume developer.


    SunPure High Performance Bleach removes both natural and artificial pigments in no time at all - up to seven levels in just 25 minutes! It works very quickly EVEN with a low volume developer- eg: four levels in ten minutes with most 10 volume developer.


    This is the product you've always dreamed of, so let your creativity soar! Fantasy becomes reality as you create and invent new and exciting streaking, highlighting, frosting, color graduation and paneling techniques with a comb, foils or cap!


    The focus is on your creativity because SunPure High Performance bleach's consistency keeps you in control. Its rich mixture allows easy and perfectly placed applications as it simply DOES NOT dry, cake or drip! And, as if that is not enough, it leaves hair in unbelievable condition!

    * Dust Free - Safe for colorist and client
    * Unique range of viscosities
    * Lifts up to seven levels
    * On-scalp application (except with 40 volume)
    * Does not swell
    * Uniquely Formulated with Organic Silk Protein, leaving hair in fantastic condition 

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