What is Monoi de Tahiti ? 

First, a little history about this sacred healing oil from Tahiti


A 2,000 year old beauty secret 

Born thousands of years ago on the French Polynesian island of Tahiti, Monoi Oil is a unique blend of high quality, refined coconut oil infused with the natural essence of tiare flowers (Tahitian Gardenia). Also known as “Sacred Oil”, it was used by Ancient Polynesians to protect, moisturize and nourish the body from head to toe, as it still used today by Polynesia’s indigenous people. As its properties and effects are becoming better known and appreciated globally, it is being incorporated into daily beauty regimens around the world. 


According to legends and traditions, Monoi de Tahiti has always been part of the Polynesian culture, whether in traditional rites where it was used to anoint newborns and purify sacred objects, or in remedies and personal care products to protect and moisturize their skin and hydrate & condition their hair. 


Use it as a pre-treatment before shampoo to help repair and condition the hair. Monoi is the ideal moisturizer as it is 100% natural, helping to manage frizz, leaving it moisturized, soft and shiny. 

Clinical Testings and Results 

Microscope observation revealed that the condition of hair treated with Monoi de Tahiti had clearly improved in 70% of the volunteers. 
























(images provided through Institut du Monoi) 


Extensive studies have shown significant hydrating & moisturizing effects of Monoi de Tahiti both on the skin and hair. Refer to the document below showing both the cosmetic and clinical results on the effect of Monoi de Tahiti on hair.


View PDF File to view clinical results: